Beautiful photographs and DVDs are just a small part of what we have in store for You to remind You of our get-togethers and recordings of the magical moments between You and Your baby. You will proudly show it to all Your friends and family, but in the future it will also take You on a trip down memory lane together.

Get to know us and let us record the most beautiful parts of Your joy and happiness.

It is all planned in advance and nothing can catch us off guard. Photo sessions of expectant mothers, mothers, babies and families is adapted and planned so that it makes them feel comfortable. It is important to enjoy yourselves and have fun in these moments.

In the period between the 31st and 35th week of pregnancy, the belly is beautifully rounded and the expectant mother can still strike a wanted pose without any problems. Therefore, we recommend a meeting with our photo objective in that period. However, if You wish, art photography can be done before that period or after it.

A seven or a fifteen-day-old baby is truly “Art“. At that time babies sleep a lot, so it is very convenient for us to take photographs. It is inevitable that babies change from day to day and every new day is different.

When the babies are asleep, they don’t mind what we do and we can put them in different positions in order to make outstanding photographs. This is again like a little get-together, because we stop the session for babies to fall asleep, eat and be changed.


It is for that precise reason that we recommend calling a professional photographer with professional equipment, because excellent and high-quality pictures can never be taken with an amateur camera.

We certainly recommend for the photo sessions to take place in the morning because that’s when the daylight is strongest and brightest. The tiniest details stand out in the daylight.

Newborn babies surrounded with soft blankets are the most beautiful sight on a photograph. To make the session comfortable, You can prepare Your own blankets or we can bring our blankets especially cleaned and prepared for Your baby. Also, light tones can work as well as the darker ones.

To make Your belly stand out, it is advised for the clothes to be as simple as possible. That is, not a lot of texture, details or colours. It is important for an expectant mother to feel comfortable, and for her to be the centre of attention, not the clothes she’s wearing. Jewellery is welcome, but shouldn’t be dominant. We will gladly advise You on the choice of Your outfit before the photo session itself takes place.

For a family photo shoot, You should wear similar outfits so that the photograph can be more interesting and well-balanced. Of course, You will visually contribute to the photograph if You show Your own style with the outfit, as a part of Your personality.

Every photo session is unique to us and we approach every single one of them professionally. It usually lasts somewhere between an hour and a half to three hours. If it’s longer, we don’t mind! We are a team of hardworking and cheerful people that are not easily bothered. We care about our models, in this case – You. So, as long as you’re willing to strike a pose, we will create memories for You through our photo objective.

If You need our services for a longer period, for example a day trip, we are ready to go on an adventure with You and Your loved ones.

All photo sessions need to be planned and this is extremely important when it comes to photographing Your newborn babies, or small babies.

Before the photo session itself, we will make a plan about what we are actually recording. So, with Your consent, we will arrange the photographing of Your child, the outfit, we will plan the timeline and duration of the session as well as the place where it will all take place.

We will share our ideas with You, but You can also tell us what You like and want. We will get to know each other that way and the photo session will become a friendly get-together.

The photo session is all about the parents, the babies and the children. It will turn into a party that will last for a couple of hours and leave a beautiful permanent memory of the moments that were dedicated only to You.

The warmth of Your home is the most ideal place for photographing a newborn baby. We also record christenings in churches and birthday parties in playrooms. Public parks, squares, locations that You suggest can all be places where the photo session will take place. You choose, we photograph!

We are specialised in photographing expectant mothers, babies, children, moms and dads. That does not mean that grandmas and grandpas, and everyone else You want in Your book of memories, cannot join in. Everyone is welcome! We also record some other most important moments in life: christenings, birthday parties, baby showers, kids’ parties in general, name days, anniversaries and other celebrations. We’re also here for You if You want to have memories from Your excursions and special occasions, but also some more ordinary, everyday moments.

We are a young, creative team willing to comply with all Your ideas and recommend the best way for Your memories to become invaluable. We turn photo sessions into get-togethers and parties so that the whole experience of photo shooting, and not just the photographs, can remain a beautiful memory.

We will bring an air of Europe into Your home, the glamour and art of mystical Paris.

Feel free to contact us!